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April 14, 2024
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Essential Nutrition Tips for Seniors


Essential diet tips are significant for our elderly loved ones. Nutrition requirements will change with age. That is why it is necessary to keep track of these changes. A little wrong move can create an impact.

The food on the plate of the seniors will depend on the care in the home. As their caregivers, we should give vital importance to our elderly loved ones’ healthy diet. Seniors can be sensitive to taste due to their age and the illness they have, if applicable.

As a home care agency, we make sure to train our caregivers to know the significant necessities of the seniors they are caring for. Here are some diet tips that can help in the diet change of seniors:

  • they should avoid too much salt and sugar in their food
  • include fresh fruits and vegetables in their meal
  • give them fatty fish rich to help boost their mental health
  • keep them hydrated as it can aid in improving their digestion
  • let them take a protein-rich diet

Being home care in Danbury, Connecticut, we understand that some seniors are hard to please. Some are stubborn with drinking water and eating right. But with patience and the right amount of encouragement, we can make things work.

What we do with seniors who refuse to drink water is to integrate fluids into their meals. Soups, fruit juices, and tea can be a good alternative. Creativity is the key to give them the drive to eat.

Clarus Home Care offers home care services in Connecticut. We have a variety of care services available for individuals who need them.

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