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February 22, 2024
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Constipation Issues? Try These Home Remedies!


Most older persons, especially those 60 years of age and older, frequently develop constipation. Numerous things, including drugs and a bad diet, might contribute to this. The terms “constipation” and “incomplete bowel movement” refer to problems in passing stools or a decrease in frequency. If left untreated, this frequently causes discomfort and poses serious health hazards.

Constipation is easy to treat or control. It can still be treated at home using remedies that promote easy defecation. However, if you noticed that your senior is still experiencing problems urinating, you should consult a doctor right away.

Let us share a few straightforward home remedies for constipation as your trusted and friendly providers of home care assistance.

  • Drink Water
    Constipation is a result of dehydration. The advice of medical experts for care in the home is to allow your loved one to consume water regularly.
  • More Fiber, Please
    Your senior’s diet should contain extra fiber. This complex carbohydrate helps to support our digestive tract, which promotes regular feces. Meal preparation is something our home care in Danbury, Connecticut, can help with.
  • Take Probiotics
    Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that promote regular bowel movements by boosting stool frequency and consistency.
  • Use Over-The-Counter or Prescribed Laxatives
    Request the right medication from your pharmacist. Laxatives, whether over-the-counter or prescribed, can help with constipation. Your loved ones can get help from our caregivers whenever they need to take their meds.

Constipation is unpleasant and can have an impact on one’s physical and emotional health. By using our advice, you may assist your senior in solving this issue.

At Clarus Home Care, we aim to offer high-quality home care services in Connecticut. We provide client-based care that is tailored to your specific medical need. Contact our professionals right away for additional details!

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