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April 14, 2024
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Home Care: Is It Worth It?


When considering home care in Danbury, Connecticut the first question we ask is if it is worthwhile. What is in it for us, the family, and our elders in need?

As our seniors become older, they must have someone at their side to provide a high quality of life. Today, an increasing number of family members are relying on senior care for their loved ones.

According to Genworth’s “Cost of Care Survey,” national average home care is less expensive than adult daycare, assisted housing, and skilled nursing but provides the same high-quality services. Now that you’ve seen the costs of home care services in Connecticut, it’s time to consider the advantages of hiring personal care assistance for your loved one.

Our elderly loved ones are more comfortable and open to accepting home care assistance when they are in a familiar setting, but going to a foreign place such as a nursing home may cause them to worry or confusion. The most common reason elders employ caretakers is to regain their independence with the guidance they get from Clarus Home Care.

With a caregiver providing care in the home, your senior loved ones may continue to conduct activities of daily living such as going for walks without fear of falling and exploring new interests. They have a daily companion who knows and cares for them when they have a caregiver at their side. A caregiver can be present for as little as four hours each day or reside with the client.

Home care is well worth the expense since it allows our loved ones to feel valued and properly cared for. It also shows families that they are not alone at this delicate time.

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